Nuala Cunningham
Producer & Company Director, New Decade TV

“I can sincerely say that she has demonstrated herself to be an editor who is highly talented, dedicated to her craft and a model of professionalism. If it were only for her instinctive story telling talent and her ability to tease out the key moments out of literally hundreds of hours of footage I would say that Breege was an outstanding editor. But she also brought a humanity to the project which was exceptional. I think her this is clearly her strongest (of many) talents.”

Adrian McCarthy
Wildfire Films “Life After Dell” “Who’s Art Is It Anyway

“Breege has worked on a few project that I have been involved in. As a director we worked on two one hour documentaries ‘Life After Dell’ and ‘Whose Art is it Anyway’. Two very challenging projects for all sorts of reasons and it was Breege who orchestrated a way of making it possible for us to end up with a structure that allowed us to tell the story we wanted to tell. She brings a great freshness with lots of opinions and a sense of humor to a project and that is exactly what I need when I enter post production after a challenging shoot. Top editor.”

Dylan Cotter
Washed Up Love

“Breege is a delight to cut with. She carves out stories with such a collaborative, easygoing and resourceful spirit that it feels like the films are composing themselves. She is telepathic, creative and supportive and she is a therapeutically bullshit-free zone. One of the things that always makes me want to make another film is the prospect of working with Breege again.”

Alan Friel
“Sophie At The Races”

“Working with Breege has been a completely fulfilling creative process. She has immersed herself wholly in my project and shone a bright and intelligent light when I got lost in the dark. She is a joy to work with and brought warmth and fun to the whole process. She is one smart cookie and I can’t recommend her highly enough, please feel free to contact me should you need any further recommendation.”

Fiona Kinsella
Jumper Productions

“I have worked with Breege on three projects now. I have found her to not only be an experienced, talented editor, but also she is very amenable, professional and generally a very nice person to work with.”