Breege has worked as a video editor in the film and television industry for twenty years. She has forged a career both as a drama and documentary editor. A few of her feature film credits include multi award winning feature Pavee Lackeen, Stone Pastures, Silent Grace and Pilgrim Hill. Her television credits include, The Rutland Series, Life After DellThe After Shock Series, Savage Eye, and 1916 Seachtar na Cásca Series.

Breege has been invited frequently to work as part of the editing team at the Sundance Documentary Editing Story Lab, the Filmmaker Directors Lab and the Moonstone Filmmaker Directors Lab. She has gained invaluable experience whilst working alongside Robert Redford, Michael Hoffman, Ed Harris, and Academy Award-winning Editor, Kate Amend.

Breege is an extremely gifted video editor. She sees the humanity in people’s lives and is able to shape the footage to tell the best side of their story. She also has an incredible understanding of the emotional flow. Breege has what every good editor needs a great sensitivity to the material. She picks not just the best shots, but the best moments. She has a great eye for the truth. She sees the world and people very clearly. She is dedicated to the art of storytelling and would unreservedly appreciate the opportunity to work on captivating and thought provoking themes in the future.

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